Invited Talk

Title: Future Wireless Experimentation: A Testbed Perspective

Abstract: Wireless network testbeds have become increasingly important for realistic, at-scale experimental evaluation of new network architectures, protocols and radio technologies. Wireless testbeds such as ORBIT and GENI campus networks are being used for experimental research on a wide variety of research topics including dynamic spectrum access, cognitive radio networks, DTN, vehicular networks, future Internet architecture and so on. Increasingly, these testbeds are also being federated to cater for experimenter needs which cannot be fulfilled by a single testbed, and to provide a wider variety of environmental settings at different scales. We will start this talk with a brief overview of existing and planned large scale public domain testbed initiatives. This will be followed by discussion of impact of: a) increasing complexity of the wireless devices, b) scale and heterogeneity of the testbeds, c) attempts to harmonize and standardize management frameworks and d) complexity of planed experiments. We will conclude the talk by pointing out some of the key remaining challenges for the successful deployment of next generation of wireless network testbeds.

Bio: Ivan Seskar is Associate Director at WINLAB, Rutgers University responsible for experimental systems and prototyping projects. He was a lead project engineer for ORBIT, with responsibility for development, integration and deployment of the radio grid emulator system for which the team received 2008 Alexander Schwarzkopf Prize for Technological Innovation. He is currently a PI for the Rutgers OpenFlow meso-scale deployment and a co-PI for the “Open WiMAX Base Station” project and related GENI WiMax meso-scale deployment. Mr. Seskar’s research group is currently working on various aspects of clean slate MobilityFirst architecture implementation and on a cognitive radio platform that is targeted for GENI deployment. Ivan is also a co-founder and CTO of Upside Wireless Inc.

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